Visit the Skills and Thrills Fan Camp, the ultimate Big Ten basketball fan experience, located in a heated tent outside the arena. Kids of all ages and skill levels can immerse themselves in the excitement of Big Ten basketball, participating in over 15 interactive exhibits including lay-up, free throw and spot shooting stations with full size and mini-hoops; as well as basketball themed obstacle course and skills challenge. Admission is free with a ticket to any game throughout the tournament. The Skills & Thrills Fan Camp is open on Saturday and Sunday from 2pm -6pm.


Saturday, March 9 from 2-6pm
Sunday, March 10 from 2-6pm

Fans challenge themselves to hit specific marks, using bounce, chest, behind-the-back and baseball passes.
Think you have hops like your favorite Big Ten player? Reach for the stars and measure your vertical leap and compare to some of most famous Big Ten players of all-time.
Learn easy drills to perfect your ball handling skills with instruction from local basketball coaches. Participate in drills such as: spider, fast hands, Around the World and balance dribbling.
Test your speed and see how many lay-ups you can score on a regulation hoop or mini-hoop in a 30 second period.
Two fans will be connected by a bungee cord and compete back-to-back to score as many baskets as possible. Its basketball combined with tug-o-war using an inflatable court, so anything can happen.
Fans will have a ball shooting oversized basketballs into a giant inflatable hoop.
Two players each shoot mini basketballs at side-by-side inflatable hoops. The ball catch and return system captures the balls and returns them to the players so they can quickly shoot against the timer.
See how many shots you can make with mini basketballs in the allotted time while going head-to-head against other fans.
One second left on the clock, your team is down by one point and you’re on the free throw line. Are you going to lead your team to victory? Practice your free throw shooting form here and see how many consecutive free throws you can make. Daily records will be posted on the Wall of Fame.
Compete against other fans and the clock to see how many baskets you can make from various spots on a mini-court.
Put your ball handling skills to the test while dribbling through a maze of cones while being timed.
Centre Court is designated for free play unless otherwise indicated. Fans can practice skills, shoot baskets or participate in a pick-up game.
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